Our contract management approach employs Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) phasing for continual program-level planning, TO-level project execution, and aggregated program-level monitoring control with our global PMO as the core integrating function. Built from real-world lessons learned and experience, our approach leverages the following key components:

  • A comprehensive PMO process infrastructure that provides both technical processes (e.g., protocol development, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approvals, peer-reviewed publishing) and management processes (e.g., risk management, procurement) that enable seamless project execution
  • A platform of tools like ShareSync, 3CX, and Smartsheet that enable global collaboration and enhance monitoring and oversight of projects using the Cloud and automation
  • Comprehensive stakeholder engagement and communications to drive collaboration between our clients, U.S. Government staff, host-country governments, and NGOs
  • Identification and rapid deployment of hard-to-staff, specialized SMEs for a wide range of project types

Vysnova employs a comprehensive process infrastructure. The PMO’s capabilities, supporting tools and systems, and integrated suite of processes provide program-wide standardization and automation that enhances international collaboration. When integrated by our PMO, these combined elements support the complete set of success-enabling management functions, including:

Travel Management & Logistics
earthPMBOK Program Management
earthFWA Application Assistance

earthInternational Legal Compliance
earthKnowledge Management
earthWork Planning
earthSubcontractor Management
earthRisk Management

Vysnova has proven success in managing complex international programs. We’ve worked with the U.S. Navy fighting malaria in Southeast Asia, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) researching Zika in South America, and USAID supporting its Demographic Health Survey (DHS) on a global basis. Vysnova knows how to initiate and implement international projects that advance our customers’ broader missions while ensuring complete compliance of all applicable regulations.