Medical Staffing

Vysnova Partners provides highly-trained and experienced medical professionals for global health projects around the world. Our team has provided staffing for government projects on almost every continent. With an extensive pool of specialized doctors and nurses, Vysnova finds the knowledgeable and dedicated staff that our customers and their missions require.

Vysnova understands the challenges with placing medical workers internationally, so we make compliance every project’s priority – leaving our customers to focus on the life-saving missions at hand.

Vysnova ensures compliance in:
Health staffingLocal Labor Laws and Human Resource (HR) Policies

Health staffingTaxes

Health staffingBenefit Administration

Health staffingU.S. and Local Payroll Management

And more…

From a ten-person surveillance project in Kenya to a 10,000-patient Zika study spanning five years in Colombia, Vysnova has the capacity to handle any size contract that advances global health initiatives.