Vysnova Partners has experience working in more than 30 countries worldwide on public health initiatives. With a skilled team of leading researchers of infectious diseases, our staff is at the forefront of the fight against some of the world’s most dangerous health crises. Our strategic advantage of combining the maturity of a global enterprise with the agility of a small business firm allows us to achieve key critical success factors, such as:

  • Implement effective, results-oriented projects aimed at serving our clients’ research goals
  • Maintain continuity by preserving institutional knowledge and information within changing environments
  • Develop product-driven research programs that deliver innovation to address real-world problems
  • Build international governmental/non-governmental organization (NGO) partnership and capacity
  • Deliver science and research-based subject matter experts (SMEs) that enhance program development

These critical success factors are built off of a process infrastructure which enables Vysnova to meet project-specific research and application challenges. Built to operationalize our adaptation of PMBOK processes, our process infrastructure assembles Vysnova’s capabilities, supportive business systems, proven management practices, and effective in-country medical research/practical application approaches to deliver research products that enable high-quality health care outcomes. Our technical process infrastructure includes:

Research Staffing
earthSample Collection, Processing, & Testing
earthRequirements & Protocol Development
earthLocal Capacity Building & Training

earthProgram Design and Assessment
earthIRB, HRPO, IACUC, & FDA Clinical Approvals
earthMonitoring and Evaluation
earthPeer-Reviewed Publishing

The foundation of the process infrastructure is a suite of international capabilities and supporting tools/systems that provide tracking, management, transparency, and accountability for all program, contract, and project activities. These supporting tools/systems facilitate tailoring of consistent, standardized management processes to meet project-specific objectives. Our management processes streamline delivery of capabilities and support critical compliance assessments required to execute technical and research processes including vaccine development, clinical approvals, and sample processing, all of which accelerate delivery of beneficial, reliable research products.