Vysnova Partners, since its early days, has had an outstanding reputation for developing and implementing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) strategies for numerous projects, programs, and institutions. Our staff members have extensive experience with a variety of Results Management Systems that are used by our US Government clients. Overall, our past evaluation assignments have ranged from quick-turnaround assessments to multi-year, complex evaluations of major programs.  Vysnova M&E staff members have worked in most regions, including conflict and post-conflict situations and priority countries for US assistance.



Our success in this field is a product of effective and continuous M&E training development and delivery programs that we have established both internally for our own employees and for our many US Government (USG) customers with OCONUS operations. The resulting M&E best practices, advanced knowledge, and technology-driven tools and techniques we possess help to empower the USG customer to develop the M&E training programs it requires to assess, monitor, and evaluate the effectiveness of its Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) and other internal programs.

Our workforce development curricula efforts will be flexible and adaptable to the training needs of a variety of stakeholders and designed for both online training and in-person residence

courses. Depending on the specific program requirements, we use one or more methodologies including the ADDIE methodology and the Successive Approximation Method (SAM) as platforms for training development, depending on development needs and priorities. Vysnova infuses our ADDIE-based curriculum design, development, and maintenance approach with new learning modalities, current subject matter expertise, continuous research, and existing courseware and reusable learning objects (RLOs) to make curriculum accurate, current, and engaging while lowering costs for development and delivery. We have applied this approach to many different USG client needs and methods of training delivery. Our intense focus on weaving core research capabilities into the ADDIE methodology makes us unique among our peers. Vysnova collaborates with designated stakeholders during every phase of the curriculum development process, from research through revision and maintenance, to provide learning assets that deliver real improvement in competencies and outcomes.


Using best practices, innovative approaches, and cutting-edge information technology, Vysnova provides effective technical services ranging from research and planning to training and development, to implementation of all phases of monitoring and evaluation. We believe that results-oriented monitoring and evaluation are integral elements of good programming and that funding institutions and/or donors need real-time feedback on the impact of their programming and the expenditure of their funds. Our staff and consultants are experienced with multiple categories of indicators; parameters for setting targets; both practical and technical considerations of data collection; methods for accommodating data limitations and constraints; and advanced analytical techniques, including multiple levels of aggregated and disaggregated data. We work with clients and counterparts, in all sectors, to use data in a formative way; and we build local capacity, when needed, to further monitoring and evaluation.

Some examples of our work include; supporting the Department of State, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) by conducting evaluations of US-funded programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and supporting the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) under the Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation (AM&E) support contracts. Under the two DSCA AM&E contracts Vysnova supports Functional Category 2 (Training) and Functional Category 3 (Evaluation Services) on a global basis.

In short, Vysnova has the experience and capability to provide cutting-edge M&E services./p>