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Vysnova Awarded NAMRU-6 Initial Task Order

Landover, MD April 3, 2020 –

Vysnova Partners, a global health program management firm, was recently awarded a $3.9M task order for recruiting, onboarding, hiring and managing +120 staff for all departments at NAMRU-6 facilities in Peru and Honduras. Vysnova is also responsible for all the procurement, logistics and travel in support of the hired staff and NAMRU-6 objectives in the different research and surveillance areas. The NAMRU-6 contract continues to expand our firm’s efforts to help our clients develop a better understanding of infectious disease and their effects on a global basis.

Vysnova is honored to continue to work with the Navy and our in-country partners aimed at reducing and preventing infectious diseases and improving the health of communities in Latin America and around the world.

Vysnova is a leading program management firm that supports US-funded programs on a global basis. For more information please email


Team Member Spotlight: Eunice Chin

Ms. Eunice Chin is a Project Associate for the Southeast Asia Biosurveillance and Epidemiology Research (SABER) program based in Singapore. Eunice supports the SABER Program Team in administration and project management. She develops reports, provides logistical support for meetings and purchasing. Eunice interacts with in-country partners, obtain deliverables, provide instructions and guidelines regarding HRPO process, travel authorization, and expenses reports. Eunice holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from San Diego State University, California.

Global Health Security Agenda: CDC Drives 5 Years of Progress; Threats Remain

Global Health Security Agenda: CDC Drives 5 Years of Progress; Threats Remain

Global Health Security Agenda: CDC Drives 5 Years of Progress; Threats Remain

In today’s globalized world, a disease threat anywhere is a disease threat everywhere. 
The Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) is an international effort to strengthen the world’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats. CDC’s investment in global health security drives five years of GHSA progress, making the United States and the world safer from infectious disease threats. Since the launch of the Global Health Security Agenda
  • All 17 CDC-supported GHSA countries have improved their capacity to identify, track, and respond to public health threats and outbreaks.
  • Outbreaks around the world have been detected and stopped more rapidly than ever before.
  • Over 4,400 people were trained in all FETP programs under GHSA. This is, on average, over two times as many FETP graduates per year than prior to the implementation of GHSA.
CDC will continue to build on its foundation of technical expertise, assisting countries in expanding and improving disease surveillance systems, laboratory systems, workforce development, and emergency management and response capacities. To protect the United States and the world from dangerous diseases and outbreaks, a sustained focus on global health security is critical.
Learn more about CDC’s progress in GHSA and CDC’s Division of Global Health Protection‘s global health security work.

About Vysnova Partners

Vysnova staff has worked in more than 30 countries to advance the health and well-being of communities worldwide. Whether it’s Zika prevention research with the CDC in Peru, supporting the Navy’s healthcare efforts in Southeast Asia, or supporting the Demographic Health Survey for USAID throughout Africa, Vysnova knows how to initiate and implement projects internationally to keep our customers in compliance while advancing the project and the broader mission that it serves.


Vysnova Attends APHA 2019

Vysnova Partners Inc. Attends The Annual American Public Health Association Meeting



Vysnova Partners staff will be visiting with research partner organizations at the American Public Health Association (APHA) annual meeting which will be held in Philadelphia. We are excited to have an opportunity to meet some of our collaborators.  APHA champions the health of all people and all communities.