Vysnova’s Public Health Capabilities...
Our team is on a global mission.


Public Health Emergency Response

Vysnova’s core mission is to promote the well-being of communities worldwide by supporting the effectiveness and efficiency of the programs and public-sector organizations supporting those communities.  

In addition to the traditional Public Health activities (e.g., promoting healthy communities, conducting surveillance, capacity building, etc.) our work is tied to preparing for and responding to public health emergencies on behalf of the U.S. Government.  From CDC-funded emergency responses to COVID-19, Zika Virus, and Ebola, to other infectious disease threats like Malaria, Avian Influenza, and Dengue, Vysnova staff members, together with our network of global partners, continue to step in to help when and where needed. 


Our Network of Partnerships

A key factor supporting our ability to implement programs on a global basis is the strength of our partnerships. Vysnova currently maintains partner relations with approximately sixty (60) leading organizations. These include a broad range of Government Institutions, Foreign Militaries, Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations and private sector partners. In addition, we have approximately 100 vendors and suppliers that support our efforts on a global basis.

Supply Chain & Vaccine Development Support

Together with our carefully selected partners, Vysnova offers resources with the necessary know-how to support all phases of the medical product acquisition process from basic research through product deployment. We know how to support evidence-based, outcome-oriented, innovative research to develop and manufacture medical countermeasures that address the public health medical consequences of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) events, pandemic influenza, and emerging infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. We understand the regulatory environment and research rigor required to support basic and applied research and how to transition research findings into practice and into products to enhance and improve health.

Testing Logistics Support

Vysnova is an experienced provider of testing logistics support, from data collection to reporting. We collect and analyze samples for several infectious diseases in support of CDC, Navy, and USAID objectives. Our testing logistics support includes testing supply and equipment procurement; transportation, shipment, and customs; storage and maintenance; as well as post-project disposal.


We currently support one of the largest HHS/CDC-funded COVID-19 programs (COVID testing across six major health systems; 2 years / $54M CPFF Contract) in the country, making Vysnova one of the twenty largest COVID contractors supporting the US Government (based on FPDS data as of Oct 2020). We deliver science and research-based subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide population-based surveillance. We are succeeding in managing a multimillion-dollar response to COVID that includes multiple academic, healthcare, and industry partners, that monitors syndromic surveillance, serological monitoring, and EHR, and that adjusts for demographic factors.

In support of NAMRU-2, Vysnova contributed to research on the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), implementing a study of Hajj pilgrims to determine the percentage of exposed MERS-CoV individuals that go unreported and the risk factors associated with seroconversion to MERS-CoV within the established cohort. Later, Vysnova added to this research, completing a multi-year surveillance project that strengthens the ability to early detect transmission and the emergence of MERS-CoV in travelers returning to Malaysia from Saudi Arabia. Under the same program, Vysnova supported the collection and processing of COVID-19 samples from DoD active-duty personnel assigned to locations in the USINDOPACOM. 

In support of the CDC and USAID, Vysnova contributes to similar research on the Zika Virus (ZIKV). Our work includes conducting longitudinal cohort studies of pregnant women, their newborn infants, and their partners in Colombia to better delineate the relationship between the Zika virus during pregnancy and the full spectrum of possible adverse pregnancy, birth, and fetal, infant, and child outcomes. We are enhancing existing surveillance platforms to detect pregnant women infected with Zika and providing epidemiological support through case investigations. 

In partnership with the CDC and NAMRU-6, Vysnova deployed an emergency platform to respond to a ZIKV outbreak in Yurimaguas, a town located in the Amazon jungle and that can be only accessed by river. Vysnova transported a portable lab and deployed all necessary staff within 72 hours from the official start of the outbreak. 

Finally, Vysnova also supports the CDC in its response to the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the Democratic Republic of Congo through a combination of professional and technical services together with laboratory capacity building.