The Problem:

Defense Acquisition University (DAU) had an existing distance learning course on business decisions for contracting. The course was dated, contained disparate content, and did not engage the learner. DAU needed subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop a new course that was up-to-date and engaging for students.


The Work:

The Vysnova SMEs have extensive background in developing and deploying training materials across defense and civilian agencies. The Vysnova team worked together to develop an updated course that met the needs of DAU. The team developed an integrated, scenario-based course that links the course topics and engages learners, as well as making the topics more robust.

The Vysnova SMEs used an enhanced, research-based ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) method to develop the course. This curriculum development effort included an up front, in-depth research effort—in development of the Content Analysis Report (CAR)— that informed the Course Design Document (CDD), which served as the blueprint for the follow-on development effort.


The Vysnova Impact:

With this comprehensive approach that took on the existing course’s challenges first hand, the Vysnova team was able to develop a comprehensive course that builds on Contracting Level I curriculum and offers the contracting knowledge necessary to process complex procurements.


The Proof:

“Dr. Fallon’s team was able to effectively integrate a once disparate course of standalone modules in a manner that is already proving to engage the DAU students. Additionally, DAU now has a DAWIA [Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act] Level II course that weaves in the critical concepts of communications, stakeholder engagement and other key, soft skills that are paramount in executing strategic procurement.” –  DAU CON Level II Performance Learning Director.