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Team Spotlight: Grace Tran

GRACE TRAN Grace Tran is the Program Manager for the $54M CDC-funded Applied Research to Address the COVID-19 Emerging Public Health Emergency project.  The applied research to address the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emerging Public Health Emergency,…
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Team Spotlight: Hoa Nguyen

Vysnova Partners is pleased to have the spotlight on Hoa Nguyen who has been recently promoted to Program Manager for the Southeast Asia Bio-surveillance and Epidemiology Research (SABER) II program.
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Team Member Spotlight: Ryan Brink

Ryan Brink Ryan Brink is a Supply Chain and Logistics Manager for Vysnova Partners. His project responsibilities are to ensure the delivery of test kits on time and within budget. This requires coordination with vendors, various test…
sofia desta
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Team Member Spotlight: Sofia Desta

Sofia Desta Sofia Desta is a Senior Technical Associate – LEPP (Limited Excess Property Program) Senior Communications and Outreach Specialist for Vysnova Partners Inc. Sofia is responsible for undertaking knowledge management efforts…
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Team Member Spotlight: Kunthea Phen

Kunthea Phen Kunthea is an Information Technology Specialist for Vysnova Partners. He supports the Information Technology, system administrator, and researchers in NAMRU-2 Cambodia. He is responsible for implementation, monitoring, maintenance…
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Team Member Spotlight: Pachada Satharath  

Pachada Satharath Pachada Satharath is currently providing service to our client, U.S. NAMRU-2 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as a Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Assistant. In her position, she ensures all human research study activities…
Aiko Manzueta
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Team Member Spotlight: Aiko Manzueta

Aiko Manzueta Aiko is the Financial Analyst for Vysnova in Singapore. She assists the Finance Department for NAMRU-2 in the execution of the Command’s budget ensuring compliance with program policies, procedures and finance regulations. …
Monireth Toy
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Team Member Spotlight: Monireth Toy

Monireth Toy Monireth is a Regional Project Assistant for Vysnova in Cambodia. She provides a wide range of administrative, operational, logistical and project management support to the Southeast Asia Biosurveillance and Epidemiology Research…
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Team Member Spotlight: Luis Antonio Alanya Villantoy

Vysnova Partners is proud to highlight team member, Luis Antonio Alanya Villantoy. Mr. Alanya is a Program Manager for a NAMRU-6 project based in Peru. He facilitates information flow between the COR, the contractor, and contract personnel.…
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Team Member Spotlight: Shati Rahman

Ms. Shati Rahman is a Data Processing Analyst for the DHS program. She is a part of the data processing team that is implementing nutrition surveys around the world! Ms. Rahman develops and supports tablet-based computer-aided personal interviewing…