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Team Member Spotlight: Lesaedes Butler

Lesaedes Butler is a Computer Systems Analyst (Tier II - Help Desk Support Specialist) for Vysnova Partners.
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Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of Tafenoquine After Weekly and Escalating Monthly Doses of Tafenoquine in Healthy Vietnamese Volunteers (TQ Study) Project Purpose:  Primary Objective: In a dose-escalating study in the same healthy…
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Project Spotlight: Study Of Ebola In Democratic Republic Of Congo

Project Purpose: This study aims to enroll participants starting in locations in western DRC, which has seen recent transmission of EVD in Mbandaka.
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Team Member Spotlight: Derek Kuprianov

Vysnova's Team Member Spotlight is on Derek Kuprianov. Derek is a Recruitment and Retention Marketing Manager.
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Applied Research to Address the COVID-19 Emerging Public Health Emergency

Currently, there are major gaps in scientific knowledge concerning COVID-19 risk factors, transmission dynamics, seasonal and geographic patterns, correlations between immune markers and reinfection, and long-term immunologic, physiologic, and clinical sequelae of infection.
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Success Story- ZEN 3045

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Vysnova successfully continued to execute closing activities such as the implementation of the biosecurity protocol of COVID-19, obtaining work permits for staff to resume closing activities in Colombia. The subcontractor,…
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Team Member Spotlight: Segan Strong

Vysnova’s Team Member Spotlight is on Segan Strong. Segan is an Accounts Payable Associate.
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Case Study: NAMRU-6 Infectious Disease Research in Peru

    Problem Overview: Hosted by the ​Peruvian Navy and co-located at their flagship hospital in Lima, at the Naval Hospital in Iquitos, and in Puerto Maldonado; the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit-6 Perú (NAMRU-6) is conducting…
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Case Study: Vysnova Supports Studies to Eliminate Malaria Infections in Two High Endemic Provinces in Vietnam

Problem Overview:  The second-highest worldwide cases of Malaria are reported in Southeast Asia. Although cases have been declining in Vietnam from 2006 to 2016, a marked rebound in malaria cases in several provinces of the Central Highlands…
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Case Study: Vysnova Supports Efforts to Assess the Potential Vector Threat of Ectoparasite-Borne Infections in Mongolia

This project’s purpose is to assess the potential vector threat of ectoparasite-borne infections in Mongolia to better inform the DoD (Department of Defense) force health protection policy-makers and provide host-nation public health personnel information to make informed diagnostic and treatment decisions.