Global Health

Vysnova Partners has experience working in more than 30 countries worldwide on public health initiatives. With a skilled team of leading researchers of infectious diseases, our staff is at the forefront of the fight against some of the world’s most dangerous health crises.

Vysnova works with foreign governments and institutions to keep our customers compliant with local and international laws. From providing on-site staff to the actual infrastructure required to complete a study, Vysnova implements practical solutions in challenging work environments.

Research Staff

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Vysnova has proven success in global public health projects. We’ve worked with the U.S. Navy fighting malaria in Southeast Asia, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) researching Zika in South America, and USAID supporting its Demographic Health Survey (DHS) on a global basis. Vysnova knows how to initiate and implement international projects that advance our customers’ broader missions while ensuring complete compliance of all applicable regulations.