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Progress Review and Upcoming Plans: DRC Cooperative Agreement’s Strategic Meeting with CDC DRC Country Office

From left to right: J Jenna Kirschenman, DGHP Deputy Director of Management and Operations, CDC, DRC; Cristel Flores, Deputy Program Manager DRC Cooperative Agreement; Nohelia Navarrete, Program Director DRC Cooperative Agreement, Alfredo Paredes, Financial& Accounting Senior Specialist DRC Cooperative Agreement; Dr Dumazedier Kabasele, MD, MPH, Public Health Lead Resource Specialist DGHP, CDC DRC

Staff from the DRC Cooperative Agreement attended a meeting with their peers at the CDC Country Office located in Kinshasa. The meeting revolved around evaluating progress and previewing forthcoming tasks before the fiscal year concludes. The primary purpose of this Cooperative Agreement is to boost the capability to preempt, identify, and address Public Health risks within DRC. In an effort to realize this goal, eight concurrent projects are being implemented across Kinshasa, Goma, and Equateur.


About the Project: 

Vysnova is a Prime awardee for the Cooperative Agreement funded by CDC. Under this Cooperative Agreement, Vysnova works with CDC’s DRC Country Office and the  Viral Special Pathogens Branch (VSPB), in an effort to Improve preparedness and surveillance of public health treats posed by a wide range of pathogens, including viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) such as Ebola Virus.

In this Cooperative Agreement Vysnova’s role goes beyond providing program management support, Vysnova’s team lead by the Program Director works hand to hand with the CDC team on developing and strengthening key partnership relationships in country and with other public health institutions and international organization working in DRC, develops a comprehensive strategy to integrate projects in the most effective and cost efficient manner, considering the impact and sustainability of the activities implemented as part of this holistic program.