Vysnova Partners, a Culmen International Company, Wins Contract to Support the National Intrepid Center of Excellence


Vysnova Partners, a globally recognized provider of management solutions and a Culmen International Company is thrilled to announce it has been awarded a contract to bolster the NICoE’s initiatives for traumatic brain injury and psychological health conditions in the military.

Under the auspices of this contract, Vysnova is tasked with a range of crucial responsibilities. A key initial objective is to develop a Program Management Office (PMO), ensuring rigorous standards and risk management for every phase of the NICoE. This initiative will serve as a pivotal element in facilitating program effectiveness evaluations, life cycle considerations, and the sustainment of the NICoE.

With the NICoE and the Defense Intrepid Network (DIN) recognized as unique, fast-paced care entities, Vysnova’s contract also mandates robust program management support. The objective is to guarantee efficient and coordinated activities that drive program management efforts and results. Strategic goals, administrative needs, clinical operations services integration, research support, health informatics, and stakeholder/external coordination will all be crucial areas where Vysnova will work closely with DIN leadership, management, and administrative personnel.

Moreover, Vysnova will support all facets of NICoE/DIN communications, risk and issue management, program studies, assessment, and analysis. These responsibilities include the development and maintenance of a strategic communications plan, risk mitigation plan, and white papers that capture best practices for care delivery.

“We are deeply honored to have been entrusted with this crucial role. Our team is committed to serving NICoE and DIN with the utmost integrity and professionalism to enhance the lives of those who serve our nation,” said Carlos Rivera, Vice-President of Global Health for Culmen International.

About Vysnova Partners LLC

Vysnova Partners, a Culmen International Company, is a leading provider of program management and consulting services across the globe. We specialize in supporting government and commercial clients in achieving their mission objectives through improved productivity, cost-efficiency, and innovative solutions.

About NICoE

The National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE) is committed to enhancing the lives of military personnel affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other unseen war injuries. Our commitment extends to delivering superior clinical care, conducting groundbreaking research, and providing extensive education on TBI. As the hub of the 13-location Defense Intrepid Network for TBI and Brain Health (Defense Intrepid Network), NICoE promotes synergies among the myriad of care providers, researchers, and staff committed to mending the unseen scars of war.