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Culmen Announces Expanded Research and Global Health Capability Through Acquisition of Vysnova Partners


Culmen Announces Expanded Research and Global Health Capability Through Acquisition of Vysnova Partners

Alexandria, Virginia, April 28, 2023—Culmen International is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Maryland-based Vysnova Partners. With a combined pool of over 400 employees, offices in 37 countries, and experience across more than 140 countries, Culmen International is poised to offer clients a unique set of agile, global resources and expertise.

“This acquisition allows Culmen to bolster our biological capabilities in support of our current WMD nonproliferation programs, and to further expand our International Development, Global Health, and Humanitarian initiatives by leveraging Vysnova’s expertise and experience. We are excited to welcome Vysnova’s talented US and international workforce into the Culmen family,” said Dan Berkon, Founder and CEO of Culmen International.

Vysnova Partners delivers technical services worldwide for Government and commercial clients. Vysnova provides a broad range of professional and institutional support services in: Public/Global Health (i.e., Translational Research and Development in the Life Sciences, Human and Zoonotic Surveillance), International Development, Government Operations, Geospatial Research Management, and Acquisition Support. Vysnova supports the US Government on a global basis, including clients such as the DHA, CDC, the Naval Medical Research Enterprise, WRAIR, and the USAID, and NGA, among others.”Vysnova is excited to join Culmen International. We believe our combined expertise and experience will offer current and future clients extensive capabilities to address critical global challenges.” said Carlos Rivera, President and CEO of Vysnova Partners

Mark Dumas, Culmen CSO, and Myron Thomas, Culmen COO/CFO, worked closely with Carlos Rivera and John Fallon, Vysnova COO, to set the stage for a seamless integration of the two companies. During acquisition negotiations, Culmen was supported by Hale Capital Partners and was represented by Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. Vysnova Partners was represented by Womble Bond Dickinson.

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Established in 2004, Culmen International, LLC is dedicated to enhancing international safety and security by optimizing government operations and facilitating international collaboration so that our customers can accomplish critical missions in challenging environments with constrained resources. Culmen’s primary areas of expertise include: WMD nonproliferation, border/maritime/aviation security, international partner capacity building, homeland security, international development, and humanitarian missions. Culmen’s services include program management and technical support, global procurement and logistics, international training and language services, and technology development and deployment. Learn more at www.culmen.com

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