NAMRU 3 Project Spotlight & Success Story

Vysnova Partners supports the procurement of travel supplies and services for the NAMRU3 scientists.  They staffed 24 positions in Egypt, Ghana, Liberia, and the United States to ensure the mission is completed within the project scope and government guidelines.


  • To study, monitor, and detect emerging and re-emerging disease threats of military and public health importance
  • To develop mitigation strategies against these threats in partnership with host nations, international, and U.S. agencies in the United States Central Command, US European Command, and US Africa Command areas of responsibility. 
  • To collaborate with US government and academic groups as well as local institutes and ministries to maintain research programs including the Bacterial and Parasitic Diseases Research Program, Viral and Zoonotic Diseases Research Program and Vector Biology Research Program.



Spatial Distribution of PCR-Identified Species of Anopheles gambiae senu lato Across Three Eco-Vegetational Zones in Cross River State, Nigeria

  • Anopheles complex is a group with varying distribution
  • The ability to transmit malaria depends on the type of Anopheles
  • The type of Anopheles is also associated with insecticide resistance
  • The research was conducted in these three areas to determine the Anopheles complex
  • Results provide insights for strategic planning of malaria control programs in Nigeria