Team Member Spotlight: Johnathan Ward


Vysnova’s Team Member Spotlight is on Johnathan Ward. Johnathan, also known as JW, is a Senior Project Manager and has provided remarkable leadership in executing the COVID-19 research study to provide meaningful, real-time data on COVID-19. JW has demonstrated flexibility throughout the unpredictable course of the project and has openly welcomed input for best solutions to issues.

To maximize the use of resources and improve data quality, JW recruited expert staff. First, he onboarded a Supply Chain and Logistics Manager who was able to account for the kits sent out monthly to more than twenty-four thousand participants and built a database for its tracking. JW also recruited a Recruitment and Retention Marketing Manager to support retention initiatives. He coordinated the skills of both individuals to ensure above average retention rates in order for the COVID19 study to validate its data. He has also skillfully coordinated with a myriad of stakeholders and shown professionalism. JW has helped to lead and unify internal resources, including staff members, study partners, health institutions and the government in the fight against COVID-19.

His expertise, enthusiasm, and calm demeanor have been an asset during these stressful times.

Fun Fact About Johnathan Ward: At some point he handled 12 great danes dogs, both puppies and doggie parents, now he only has 5!