Team Member Spotlight: Johnathan Ward

Vysnova’s Team Member Spotlight is on Johnathan Ward. Johnathan, also known as JW, is a Senior Project Manager and has provided remarkable leadership in executing the COVID-19 research study to provide meaningful, real-time data on COVID-19.
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Cross-Sectional Study of Asymptomatic Malaria and Seroepidemiological Surveillance of Seven Districts in Gia Lai Province, Vietnam

Malaria elimination by 2030 is an aim of many countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, including Vietnam. However, to achieve this goal and accelerate towards malaria elimination, countries need to determine the extent and prevalence of asymptomatic malaria as a potential reservoir for malaria transmission and the intensity of malaria transmission.
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Team Member Spotlight: Leanne Detwiler

Vysnova’s Team Member Spotlight is on Leanne Detwiler. Leanne is a Research Assistant at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.
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Vysnova supports a government-funded COVID-19 research study and to achieve project objectives, Vysnova partnered with six Universities and Health Systems across the United States. The study design included a cohort of approximately 43,000 participants with Vysnova, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, and Oracle to conduct a major study of COVID-19 and its impact on communities...