Vysnova’s Diana Paola Naranjo Presents on the Management of Government Health Programs


On 16 February 2022, Vysnova’s Diana Paola Naranjo PMP conducted an online presentation in Spanish for the Project Management Institute (PMI), Guayas, Ecuador Chapter. She presented on the Management of Government Health Programs in the US and in particular, Vysnova’s COVID-19 Research Study.  After introducing the firm, Diana presented the framework of the study, which was based on PMI guidelines. The content included the different strategies that Vysnova implemented in each project management area and in each technical stage of the study. She detailed the complex components of the scope, which included syndromic, serology, and Electronic Health Records (EHR) data collection of 20 to 40+ thousand participants. Diana illustrated how Vysnova integrated the syndromic, serology, and EHR components into high-quality deliverables that will yield public health manuscripts and datasets. She also highlighted one of the main advantages to the government Vysnova offered. First, Vysnova utilized already existing resources from the National Call Center to retrieve call center statistics. Then, Vysnova utilized these statistics and processed them to work in an artificial intelligence platform. Finally, Vysnova made use of the platform to target mass messages to specific groups of participants (reminders, encouragement notes, thank you emails) to reduce the loss of follow-up. This strategy yielded better retention rates and therefore higher data quality for the government, all at no additional cost.

About Diana Paola Naranjo

Diana Paola Naranjo is a certified Project Management Professional for Vysnova Partners. In her 12-year career, she has focused on scientific research and the management of government programs. For 7 years, she worked as a lead research associate supporting diverse NIH grants and contracts for the study of vector-borne diseases at the University of Miami. She concluded her Masters’ thesis and publication in International Administration and Public Health under the Anastasia Mosquito Control County in Florida, and the Ecuadorian National Mosquito Control Program in Guayaquil, Ecuador. At the institutions, she compared, analyzed, and published about the vector control strategies infrastructure of the government programs and offered public health recommendations. She continued her research in the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases. She led and supported research for programs based in Ecuador, the Middle East North Africa region, and Haiti. Her role was conceptualizing, executing, and publishing public health research that colleagues and/or she conducted in the field.

In 2017, she accepted an offer at Vysnova Partners and together they continue to advance public health research projects. Given her infectious diseases background, she helped lay the groundwork to successfully support three different US government-funded Zika Studies in Colombia. She supported the execution of the program by coordinating the activities of almost one hundred specialized staff members for the surveillance and research of Zika in the Colombian population across six cities. Managing the Zika Program also included securing contracts with US and Colombian Health Institutions, data collection companies, US, and international consultants all while adhering to US and Colombian regulations. Procurement of over $1.5M was an important aspect of the project as well as coordination of training and travel to meet the program needs. The total budget that Diana managed for Zika was approximately $14M over a two-year period.

In 2019, she had the opportunity to work with the U.S. Navy and Vysnova’s Vietnam in-country partners managing the Malaria Research Services Southeast Asia (MRS SEA) program. At MRS SEA, she successfully administered the various aspects of the project such as staffing, timelines, manuscripts, and budget.  Her current position which she undertook in 2021, builds on her prior work. She currently manages another government project, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a two-year $26M research program that focuses on the recruitment of over forty-five thousand participants across the United States. She also supports the work of seven major health institutions and three research companies that produce the data and the data analysis. Now her focus is on delivering the data to the government as manuscripts and datasets, the main goal is to publish data that drives health policy. Diana Paola Naranjo may be contacted at DPNaranjo@Vysnova.com.