About the Project:

To provide support to the Naval Medical Research Center – Asia/Naval Medical Research Unit -TWO (NAMRU-2) in the conduct of biomedical, epidemiological, and clinical research, including human subject and animal use research program in Southeast Asia including administrative support, personnel, materials, equipment, and facilities.

Notable Program Accomplishments This Quarter:

SABER II team continues providing support to NAMRU-2 in the conduct of biomedical, epidemiological, and clinical research efforts including rolling out research projects, onboarding new staff, and partners, negotiating new subcontracts, modifying the existing subcontracts, setting up and managing project activities. From June to September 2021, 9 new task orders were awarded a total value of over 3 million USD. At this moment, there are 13 research studies under SABER II program including 8 human subjects and 5 entomology research studies. We continue collaborating closely with all local partners in the region to find the best solution for sample collections and lab analysis for all studies under the challenging time of COVID break out in Southeast Asia. Two scientific manuscripts were published during this period and several other manuscripts are now under review. We successfully completed the SIM COVID study, very important research to provide information about the number of COVID-19 infections among selected USPACFLT forces and to help guide future force health protection measures to mitigate the effects of this disease. The results and outcome were so valuable that the US Navy is now seeking more funding to continue this project in a few more months.