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An Interview With the CEO of Vysnova Partners, Carlos Rivera

Vysnova's Team Member Spotlight is on Carlos Rivera, CEO of Vysnova Partners!
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Project Spotlight: Ectoparasite Surveillance in Mongolia 

NAMRU-2’s mission is to monitor and characterize emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases of military and public health importance and to develop mitigation strategies against these threats in partnership with host nation, international and U.S. agencies in Southeast Asia.
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Vysnova Receives Award Under Navy’s SeaPort-NxG Contract Solicitation N00178-21-R-7000

Vysnova Partners, Inc. (Vysnova) is pleased to announce that we received an award under the Navy’s SeaPort-NxG contract under solicitation N00178-21-R-7000.
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Team Member Spotlight: Colleen Cauley

Vysnova's Team Member Spotlight is on Colleen Cauley!
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Success Story: SABER II Team Continues Providing Support to the Navy Medical Research Center

The SABER II team continues providing support to NAMRU-2 in the conduct of biomedical, epidemiological, and clinical research efforts including rolling out research projects, onboarding new staff, and partners, negotiating new subcontracts, modifying the existing subcontracts, setting up and managing project activities.
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Team Member Spotlight: Gwendolyn Turner

Vysnova's Team Member Spotlight is on Gwendolyn Turner. Gwendolyn is Vysnova's Human Resources Manager.