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Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) Wound Infections Department Success Stories


The team at NMRC (Naval Medical Research Center) has worked on creating a series of experiments, both in vitro and in vivo, that can be used to test new products from collaborators. The pipeline is designed to streamline the different aspects of the products that need to be tested in order to get thorough results that are also reproducible, step by step. One of the most promising agents to make it through the pipeline is bacteriophage and a manuscript is currently being worked on to publish these findings.

Problem Overview:

  • Increase of antibiotic-resistant bacteria 
  • Increased risk of infection for military/ overseas personnel 
  • Limited antimicrobial research for WHO priority pathogens (Beyer & Paulin, 2020)

Program Activity: 

  • Work with the Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) aides in improving the standard of care and developing new treatments for combat wounds 
  • The utilization of various in vivo and in vitro models allow for an in-depth understanding of the antibacterial properties of new therapeutics 
  • Vysnova personnel managed data collection and analysis for all pipeline projects

Program Outcomes:

  • Antimicrobials that have gone through the robust pipeline can be considered for clinical trials 
  • Future publications to detail the efficacy of the pipeline used at NMRC
  • A streamlined approach to testing the efficacy of antimicrobials