Project Purpose: 

This study aims to enroll participants starting in locations in western DRC, which has seen recent transmission of EVD in Mbandaka. Two types of participants will be enrolled: 

  • Individuals suspected to have high priority diseases of emergent and/or pandemic potential
  • Survivors of viral hemorrhagic fevers, including EVD

Vysnova Work:  

Vysnova Partners (Vysnova) has been supporting CDC since 2014. Vysnova is an implementing partner under the CDC’s Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and supports CDC’s projects and programs in the US and OCONUS in different continents such as Africa and America under GHSA and other cooperative agreements and contracts. Across these projects and programs, Vysnova provides program management and operations support, professional and technical staff, and linkages to strategic partner organizations (Government and Non-Government) via subcontracts and sub-grants. Vysnova has significant experience supporting CDC with contracting, grant management, acquisition support, human resource support, communications, and other services in order to improve public health and strengthen U.S. national security.

The Vysnova Impact: 

Vysnova assists by providing enhanced diagnostic capabilities and managing all procurement and logistics associated with a tiered approach. This allows government stakeholders to receive prevalence and incidence data on cases more rapidly, national and regional laboratories to focus on the advanced characterization of unknowns and outbreak response efforts, patient management at local health facilities to be enhanced, and community trust to be built.