LEPP Donation Support Global Efforts to Mitigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

LEPP Donation Support Global Efforts to Mitigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

As countries strive to deal with the public health and socio-economic impact caused by COVID-19, there is an urgent need for physical capital, especially for medical equipment, supplies, and consumables. Over the last four months, property donations were transferred through LEPP’s partner organization WorldHelp to Guatemala, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Zambia to assist in the global efforts to mitigate the pandemic. In Nicaragua, medical supplies and consumables were distributed to regional hospitals to aid communities affected by COVID-19 and presently benefit 25,730 people. In May of 2020, personal protective equipment(PPE) valued at $750,000 was provided to medical workers in Uganda’s regional hospitals by World Help These donations were described by the Uganda Ministry of Health as the largest medical donation since COVID-19 was first detected in March of 2020 in the country. Physical capital such as vital sign monitors, ventilators, EKGs, sterilizers, aspirators, and hospital beds that were initially procured through LEPP to aid regional and rural hospitals and health centers, are now being utilized to fight the pandemic. Every donation counts, simple items such as hygiene kits are critical for protecting health care professionals and first responders and have also been distributed through WorldHelp to vulnerable communities impacted by a shortage of water, electricity power and disruptions in the supply chain. These simple measures protect communities and save lives.

About LEPP – Transferring Physical Capital to Aid U.S. Emergency and Development Programs Overseas

Vysnova partners with USAID’s Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP); an innovative and cost-effective program that transfers millions of dollars’ worth of federal surplus property to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and USAID Missions to supplement their development and humanitarian projects overseas. LEPP is yet another example of Vysnova’s strategic focus of cultivating partnerships that support sustainable, locally-driven development endeavors.

In FY 2019, LEPP successfully transferred over 43 million dollars’ worth of surplus property to 14 developing nations. Partner organizations that are faith-based accounted for approximately 50% of the federal surplus property transfers in the fiscal year. LEPP has already transferred 13.7 million dollars’ worth of surplus property just in the first four months of FY 2020.

These LEPP donations included medical supplies such as ultrasounds, infant incubators, hospital beds, ophthalmology, laboratory and dental equipment, autoclaves, generators, laptops, computers, and school furniture. Physical capital donations to Latin America and the Caribbean were transferred to Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, and Peru. Transfers to Asia were made to Pakistan and the Philippines; while transfers to Eastern Europe benefited underserved populations in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova, and Ukraine. The majority of property transfers to Africa were made to Tanzania.