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Team Member Spotlight: Sofia Desta

sofia desta

Sofia Desta

Sofia Desta is a Senior Technical Associate – LEPP (Limited Excess Property Program) Senior Communications and Outreach Specialist for Vysnova Partners Inc.
Sofia is responsible for undertaking knowledge management efforts by identifying platforms and opportunities through which important program information is generated and shared amongst LEPP stakeholders. She also works to increase the visibility of LEPP by creating awareness of how federal surplus property transferred overseas is supporting the U.S. development and humanitarian aid programs. Through outreach, Sofia implements initiatives that build strong partnerships to strengthen program outcomes. Sofia has developed an outreach and communications strategy for LEPP that is aligned with USAID’s Agency program priorities. This strategy leverages the transfer of more than 40 million dollars per annum of federal surplus property to increase public diplomacy opportunities and build the capacity of health, education and agriculture programs in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Sofia is also responsible for identifying key performance indicators for humanitarian aid and development programs utilizing federal excess property attained through LEPP.