statement carlos rivera vysnova

To my Colleagues,

Undoubtedly every one of us is aware of the ongoing social unrest and outrage, rightly provoked by the senseless killing of Mr. George Floyd. This unforgivable event, together with a history of racism as displayed by a number of people in our society have prompted widespread, mostly peaceful, protests. I am proud of the fact that at Vysnova, myself, our management team, and all of the colleagues that we have spoken with, are outraged by this senseless death and the violence that it has triggered. I would like to believe that the majority of our nation finds such discriminatory actions deplorable and think that we must always strive to create a better, all-inclusive, society.

We are also aware that, as widely reported, many fringe groups are taking advantage of the fear, uncertainty, hurt and built-up frustration, all of which is further compounded by COVID-19, to try to further damage our society by engaging in destructive and criminal activities. I have heard from some that you and/or members of your families feel anxious, fearful, and worried by what you see on the news and social media. We are also keeping in mind that, while our immediate employees may not be directly affected, we know that some have family, friends, and acquaintances either living with them or somewhere distant that they worry about.

For all of you feeling that way, please know that you are not alone. More than at any time in our country’s history, this is a time to talk to each other, really listen, help each other, and together embark on the journey to healing. So, the purpose of my message today, is to reach out to each of you, to let you know that myself and all the members of the Vysnova family are just as concerned, and to make sure that you and your family members are safe and well during this time. Furthermore, to those colleagues in the Black Community – we want you to know that your life, just like all life on our planet, matters a great deal. And that you are never alone.

As a company, that prides itself on diversity, we are taking every step possible to help our staff and their families. In addition to the resources available through our company-sponsored Employee Benefits Plan and/or our sponsored health plan (listed in an internal email), these resources are available to residents in the Capital region:

If you live in DC you can contact:

The Access HelpLine at 1(888)7WE-HELP or 1-888-793-4357 is the easiest way to get connected to services provided by the Department of Behavioral Health and its certified behavioral health care providers. This 24-hour, seven-day-a-week telephone line is staffed by behavioral health professionals who can refer a caller to immediate help or ongoing care. The Access Helpline can activate mobile crisis teams to respond to adults and children who are experiencing a psychiatric or emotional crisis and are unable or unwilling to travel to receive behavioral health services.

If you live in Maryland:

Please call 211 and select option 1, text your zip code 898-211, or visit Maryland’s Helpline is available 24 hours/7 days a week to callers in need of crisis intervention, risk assessment for suicide, homicide or overdose prevention, support, guidance, and information or linkage to community behavioral health providers. Maryland’s Helpline also provides assistance to access resources such as naloxone education, recovery support, veteran’s services and family services as available/appropriate for the individual.

If you live in Virginia:

Mental Health America of Virginia. This Warm Line is a peer-run service for residents of Virginia. We offer this support line for individuals, family members, and other concerned parties who would like someone to talk to, or who request community mental health resources, or who have specific questions about their recovery journey. The peers who answer our Warm Line listen with compassion and provide non-judgmental support. A Warm Line is not a Hotline, which is for individuals in need of emergency services. If you are in crisis, please call the National Crisis Hotlines 1-800-273-8255, or 911. Mental Health America also has a partnership with Crisis Text Line; text MHA to 741741 if you’d like to use the Crisis Text Line if you feel like you’re in crisis.

As these past months have shown, during a pandemic, we know to quarantine and keep to ourselves while maintaining social distance to protect ourselves and our loved ones. When it comes to racism and discrimination, quarantining is not the solution. It is important that we reach out to each other, that we communicate, and that we help each other in ways that stamps out these corrosive ideas. Regardless of your political affiliation, all of us need to be part of the change that promotes the kind of society that provides freedom, security and prosperity to all its citizens regardless of their gender, color of their skin, or sexual orientation. I believe that is an idea that we can all support.

Very Respectfully,

Carlos Rivera
President, CEO
Vysnova Partners, Inc.