Vysnova Announces Opening of New Branch Office in Singapore

SEPT 2018 – Vysnova Partners, Inc. (Vysnova) just announced the opening of Vysnova Partners Singapore Branch (VPSB) a local branch located at AXA Tower, 8 Shenton Way, Level 34-01, Singapore. The primary focus of this regional branch office is to enhance our ability to support our program management and medical research services in the region. With existing translational research and other medical surveillance programs across all of South East Asia, Vysnova’s Singapore team is perfectly positioned to ensure timely operational responses to our US Military clients. This significant step on Vysnova’s part further shows our commitment to ensuring that we are able to provide operational and surge support in response to shifting medical priorities.

Vysnova’s ongoing work in Southeast Asia includes the Southeast Asia Biosurveillance and Epidemiology Research (SABER) program which operates out of Singapore, encompassing projects in Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia, Laos, Thailand, and Bangladesh. Vysnova collaborates with many local and international partners in the region, including American and European partners. Vysnova’s work in Southeast Asia also includes the Operational Infectious Disease Research – Research Support Across Southeast Asia (SEA) program which operates in Vietnam. Vysnova maintains project offices in Cambodia and Vietnam.

With Vysnova’s ongoing and expanding work in the Southeast Region, this new office will provide a focal point of management for all Southeast Asia operations, allowing efficient organization and execution of region-wide programs.