Vysnova Celebrates African American History Month

Vysnova Partners celebrates African American History Month by honoring the many African American health pioneers and the impact they have had on healthcare and health research. From Dr. Patricia Bath, the first African American female physician awarded a patent for a medical invention and a current advocate of telemedicine and emerging technology in medical diagnosis and treatment, to Dr. Solomon Fuller who pioneered Alzheimer’s research and advanced the study of many other neurodegenerative diseases, African American health professionals have advanced the world of healthcare and health research invaluably. To name a few, other African American innovators of the health industry include Dr. Jane Wright who elevated chemotherapy to a viable treatment option rather than a last-ditch effort at treating cancer, Dr. Charles Drew who led in the storing of blood for transfusions in blood plasma and organized the first large-scale blood bank in the U.S. during WWII, and Dr. Daniel Williams who was one of the first physicians of any race to successfully perform open-heart surgery. Vysnova Partners tips its hat to these and the countless other African Americans who have helped improve the health of the national and global community.