Vysnova conducts field emergency communications training for Zika Study and Surveillance staff in Bogota

On Tuesday August 15th and August 23rd 2017,  Vysnova provided management and field communications training in person and via skype to over 70 program staff currently implementing two CDC-funded projects focused on the Zika Virus: Vigilancia de Embarazadas con Zika (VEZ) and Zika en Embarazadas y Niños (ZEN).

With staff working in over six sites in Colombia, Vysnova has to ensure it’s responsive to incidents involving its field staff. Whether it is a robbery, protests, illness, travel delays or equipment delivery issues, the projects have procedures in place to swiftly mitigate impact and provide resolution. In order for the procedures to work, the staff has to understand and correctly implement them.

The Vysnova project management office in Bogota reviewed the project management plan and answered questions on regulations and procedures. The emergency communications plan will be distributed to staff at all the sites.  Ultimately, the goal is to ensure an efficient workflow and partnership between Vysnova Partners, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Instituto Nacional de Salud (INS).

Vysnova’s Vietnamese Partner Celebrates 60th Anniversary

The National Institute of Malariology, Parasitology, and Entomology (NIMPE) is one of Vysnova’s main partner in Vietnam. Over the past three years, Vysnova has been conducting malaria research on drug resistance, surveillance and response strategies targeted at mobile, migrant, ethnic and vulnerable populations and have contributed to the capacity building of the Institute.

NIMPE was established in 1957 with the mandate of conducting training, research and providing technical guidance on the implementation of malaria and parasitic diseases control nationwide.

Throughout different stages of Vietnamese history: war, conflict, peace and even in the most difficult periods the National Institute of Malariology, Parasitology, and Entomology staff have overcome difficulties, delivered health interventions and conducted research. This has significantly reduced the Country’s malaria burden, and made a great contribution to the protection and improvement of public health.

On 01 July 2017, government officials, academia, and international partners gathered to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of NIMPE: from 01 July 1957 to 01 July 2017.

Prof Tran Thanh Duong, NIMPE’s director, and the Institute’s leaders coordinated and led this event. Several traditional dances were performed by NIMPE staff, inspirational speeches by National Leaders such as the Deputy Director or MoH and Former directors of NIMPE and a lunch was served.

Dr Canavati says: “I am very inspired by the hard work of my NIMPE colleagues. During the last 60 years of disease control efforts by the National Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology remarkable achievements have been reached in malaria control and parasitology.”




NIMPE Officials: director, vice-director, former director, and CSO representatives: NMRC-A, Vysnova, Health Poverty Action, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Belgium, World Health Organisation. 








Traditional Performances were conducted by NIMPE Staff.


The Vysnova Impact:

Current research projects with NIMPE include:

  • A Spatial Decision Support System Approach to Implementing Malaria Surveillance as a core Intervention in High Priority Vietnam
  • Development of Antimicrobial Resistance Research Surveillance Sites integrating serology and molecular approaches
  • Description of clinical malaria disease patterns and trends in Viet Nam 2009-2015
  • Seroepidemiological approaches to enhance malaria surveillance in Vietnam
  • Targeted-reactive Case detection at sleeping sites to interrupt malaria transmission in Vietnam
  • A Malaria Indicator Survey in a malaria elimination area in Coastal Vietnam
  • A study on Net Use and Preference among Those Who Slept in a Forest or Farm in the Context of Malaria Multidrug Resistance and Elimination
  • Vysnova has conducted several Risk Factor Assessments for Malaria among Forest-Goers and Farm- goers