Vysnova Partners (Vysnova) has been awarded subcontract supporting medical research at Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton (NAMRU-D)

Vysnova Partners Inc. (Vysnova) Vysnova Partners (Vysnova), as a subcontractor to CAMRIS International, supports research studies and analyses to understand the human cognitive and physiological factors associated with military operations in the aviation, underwater, and special warfare environments. Project staff supports multiple areas including:


  • Research related to motion sickness (e.g., sea-sickness, air-sickness, simulator-sickness and space-sickness), pulmonary toxicology, environmental toxicology, aeromedical standards, hypoxia, fatigue assessment, aviation safety, and neurocognitive/neurophysiological effects.
  • Animal research studies on environmental and occupational exposures, particularly in deployed environments, in order to identify toxic effects before health and operational performance is compromised in the warfighter.
  • Aeromedical research on conditions affecting the health, safety, or performance of pilots and aircrew, including the effects of acceleration, altitude, high workload, fatigue, medication, physiological status, or other military operational factors.  Research activities will involve human use research, both in the laboratory and in the field.
  • Evaluation of multiple medical, physiological, psychological, and environmental factors affecting aviation personnel qualifications and performance and/or animal testing in support of assessing occupational and environmental risks to the warfighter from chemical exposures.
  • Collection and analysis of data, computer programming, statistical analysis, and scientific reporting.


The studies seek to assess and enhance the screening, selection, health, safety, and performance of prospective warfighters using improved medical, physiological, and psychological tests and assessments. This requirement includes various data entry and database management services and statistical analyses and coordination of such with other Navy commands when necessary.


About the Program:

NAMRU-D in maximizing warfighter performance and survivability through world-class aeromedical and environmental health research by delivering solutions to the field, the Fleet and for the future.


About Vysnova:

Vysnova Partners Inc. is a fast growing firm that partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional and technical services on a worldwide basis. Our firm provides a broad range of professional, technical and institutional support services across multiple practice areas which include Management Consulting, Acquisition Programs, Global Health, Research and Development in the Life Sciences, Education and Training and Direct Medical Care. We provide these services to client organizations at the Department of Defense, U.S. Agency for International Development, Department of State, local State Governments and private sector partners. Vysnova is a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).