Vysnova welcomes Mr. Matthew Bunai, Director, Vysnova Teleradiology©

Vysnova Partners welcomes Mr. Matthew Bunai, Director, Vysnova Teleradiology©. Mr. Bunai has five years of experience managing all aspects of teleradiology operations at CAMRIS International. Mr. Bunai will support all existing teleradiology contracts, manage all personnel and other resources.

Mr. Bunai is an experienced professional with over 10 years of business management experience with a strong background in business development, operations, information and data security, customer relations, and vendor and personnel management. Mr. Bunai has effectively conceptualized, developed and implemented successful business models that have resulted in turning under-performing business units into highly profitable ventures. In addition, Mr. Bunai has extensive management experience in bi-lingual and multi-cultural environments.

Mr. Bunai has undergraduate degrees in the fields of Economics and Government & Politics from the University of Maryland.  Mr. Bunai is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).


Vysnova Partners, Inc. is acquired and spun-off from CAMRIS International, Inc.

Vysnova Partners (Vysnova) was acquired today by Mr. Carlos Rivera. The acquisition and split-off of Vysnova from CAMRIS International (CAMRIS) was made official today.  As part of the split-off, Vysnova acquired several million dollars in contracts from CAMRIS. These contracts included; the sale of the CAMRIS Teleradiology© business unit including the complete teleradiology division (including all contracts, personnel, systems, and associated assets), several subcontracts supporting the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and a Department of Defense contract. These contracts and subcontracts will now undergo novation as required by the Federal Acquisition Regulations.